Reasons for Rejection of Car Insurance Claims

It can be really devastating to be involved in a car accident. Apart from dealing with personal trauma, a host of actions have to be taken – informing the authorities, contacting authorised car service garages for repairs and then the paperwork for filing insurance claims. At this stage, people tend to get a bit complacent […]

Career Opportunities in Insurance Companies

There are two main functions of insurance companies. The first is underwriting which is measurement and calculation of risk and the second is investment which is utilising the surplus of premium collected over claims paid. In underwriting, the degree of likelihood that the insurance company has to make a payout on a claim is calculated […]

Secrets which Auto Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Many people find themselves in an unenviable position where they have to sue their own auto insurance company to get claims that they have always thought was theirs by right, even after promptly paying their insurance premiums. Most people simply want their insurers to do what they promised in the event of a crash – […]